Ratepop connects you, your friends and the things you like (and dislike!)

Ratepop for Android and iOS

Ratepop intelligently aggregates user ratings into real-time usable information. It's not enough to know whether you like something... we capture the detail behind your likes and dislikes on any conceivable thought - be it an image, a brand, a person or personality, an event, or experience.

Ratepop is the definitive global voice for rating and consumer sentiment.

Ratepop is the rating app that counts.

Take a look at a few of the awesome features that Ratepop has on offer

  • You can “Post Last Photo" or “Post From Camera" with Quick Actions, right from the Home screen on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • Take a pic, share it, rate it! It's that easy!
  • Find the perfect pic on the web and share it.
  • Follow friends to see what they are rating.
  • Discover new items being rated and share your rating.
  • Follow live events and track the rating as it happens.
  • Get notifications when anyone mentions you or comments on your post.

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